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NICEIC Approved Contractor | Quality Guaranteed
NICEIC Approved Contractor | Quality Guaranteed

Tiffany Lighting

All Tiffany lighting in Oxford Lighting Showroom is from Interiors 1900, and is hand made with the highest quality Art-glass

The glass itself is hand crafted, meaning each panel of glass is unique, bringing 'life' to the glass with the variations in colour and texture.

When cutting and foiling is complete, the pieces of glass are placed over a plaster mould, like a 3D jigsaw puzzle. It is built in stages to ensure the design remains perfect.

Tiffany lighting products are rigorously checked at every stage of the process.

There is a huge collection of Tiffany lighting available to us, visit our showroom to see Tiffany designs on display and the full range in a catalogue.  Each design has different fittings in the range; pendants, inverted pendants, table lamps, floor lamps, wall lights.