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NICEIC Approved Contractor | Quality Guaranteed
NICEIC Approved Contractor | Quality Guaranteed
Bespoke Shade Service

Bespoke Shade Service

This service allows customers to create personalized shades for their lighting fixtures by selecting from a range of design options, fabrics, and additional features. It offers a high degree of customization to meet individual preferences and needs.
  1. Design Choices:

    • Florals, country prints, children's designs, and more are available.
    • Swatches can be ordered to preview the designs.
  2. Fabric Options:

    • Cotton
    • Silk
    • Faux silk
    • Velvet
    • Distressed velvet
    • Herringbone weave
    • Satin smooth
    • Satin textured
    • Linen
  3. Customization Choices:

    • Choose the shape of the shade.
    • Select the size.
    • Specify the purpose (e.g., table, floor, pendant).
  4. Additional Options:

    • Select your preferred fabric from the available choices.
    • Choose a laminate if desired.
    • Decide whether you'd like a diffuser included.
    • Consider trim options for further customization.

Shades vary in price dependant on size and fabric choices and are usually delivered to our showroom within around 3 weeks. 

Book a visit to view our swatch book of plain colours in various fabrics. Other swatches can be requested if these do not meet your needs. 01865 408522

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