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NICEIC Approved Contractor | Quality Guaranteed
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October 29, 2022 | Consultancy, LED Lighting, Services, Table Lamps, Wall Lights

This morning we had a telephone call from one of our long time older clients. They had a lightbulb that had blown and needed replacing. They gave Laura the information about the bulb that had blown, the bulb was a small screw candle and was running on 28w. Laura had a chat about what kind of lights these bulbs were in and how many. It turned out that they had 8 of these bulbs in their wall lights in the living room. These wall lights were running on a total of 224w between them, THIS IS A HUGE AND UNNESSECARY AMOUNT OF WATTAGE!

Laura jumped in her car and went straight round to see this couple (they are unfortunately unable to leave the house at the moment) with 8 x LED candle bulbs, each running at 4.2w each. Laura replaced the bulbs for them then and there and looked at the other lighting in the living room (5 table and floor lamps), the kitchen (thankfully all LED), the porch and the outside light. One table lamp had a 60w bulb in it which Laura swapped for one of the 28w bulbs she had taken out of the wall lights, this is not the perfect bulb and will be replaced next week but for now is much better than the 60w option.

Today this client spent £48 on new bulbs, which we realise seems like a lot, however they are saving over 190 watts each time they turn these lights on, and with the rising costs of electricity this will make a huge difference to running costs during the darker Autumn and Winter months.

LED bulbs can give you the same kind of lumen output as these old fashioned halogen and incandescent bulbs but with much much lower running costs. They run cooler which is better for your light fittings as well.

At the beginning of next week Laura will be going back to visit these clients to replace bulbs in their table and floor lamps, porch and outside lights. Total wattage saved to be confirmed, watch this space!

If you know anyone who could be using old bulbs and would like us to check them, please get in touch. You can send photos or request that someone pops round to check.

We can offer a home visit to Didcot, Abingdon and surrounding villages for £10+vat which would then be put towards any bulb purchases, if in doubt send pictures first!

*The sweets were a lovely gift from a very happy client who remembered from past visits that Laura's children have food allergies and thought they may be able to have these, and they can!

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