8 Light Pendant - £572.40


Diameter: 600mm
Height: 320mm
Drop: 630mm-1500mm 

Frenzy pendants

Triple - £286.20

Single - £94.60 

Empty (Single) - £94.60

The empty pendant can be filled with objects of your choice!

Black Gold




6 Light Pendant -


Diameter: 400mm
Height: 280mm

Drop: 500mm - 1500mm 

On Display In Our Showroom

On Display In Our Showroom 

The Niro - £270

This colourful pendant is on display in our showroom.

Height: 440-1220mm

Diameter: 395mm

On Display In Our Showroom

On Display In Our Showroom

(All 3 colours) 

The large clear Ardeche is

On Display In Our Showroom

Muni Pendant

RRP £588

Our Special Price - £450.

This large Muni pendant light is on display in our Showroom (as is the flush ceiling light and the table lamp from the same range.) 

A mix of clear and chrome balls hang at various heights from the outer rings that make up the frame of this pendant, which are lined with integrated LEDs.

Soho Pendant from Dar Lighting

Polished Chrome with Black, Red or White glass shade

3 Light Ceiling Pendant - £121.50

White: SOH032

Black: SOH0322

Red: SOH0325

Single Pendant - £42.50

White: SOH012

Black: SOH0122

Red: SOH0125

Glass shade diameter: 11cm

Triple Pendant - Height: 35cm-150cm Width: 60cm

Single Pendant - Height: 35cm - 130cm

3 Light Pendant


On Display In Our Showroom




Brinley Pendants

Vintage style canning jar pendants

1 Light - KL/BRINLEY/MP OZ - £90

H: 197mm  W: 121mm

Min. Drop: 253mm

Max. Drop: 2870mm 

3 Light - KL/BRINLEY3 OZ - £234

H: 197mm  W: 216mm

Min. Drop: 253mm

Max. Drop: 2870mm 

6 Light - KL/BRINLEY6 OZ - £354

H: 197mm  W: 305mm

Min. Drop: 253mm

Max. Drop: 2870mm 

Require 100w E27 lamps (Not Inc)

Height: 55cm - 300cm (Adjustable at point of installation) Diameter: 19.7cm         Black: TON8622, White: TON862, Red: TON8625

The Muni range is also available in Copper and the pendant is available in smaller sizes - See below.

Large Muni Pendant - 60cm - 13w LED - £450

(Special Offer)

Medium Muni Pendant - 48cm - 10w LED - £380

Small Muni Pendant - 39mm - 7.5w LED - £275

The Wall Light, Table Lamp and Floor lamp can be seen in our showroom.


Harrow Pendants from Elstead Lighting

Small pendant with rod FE/HARROW/P/S - £198

Height: 305mm

Width: 203mm

Min. Drop: 321mm

Max. Drop: 1371mm

Medium Pendant with chain - £390


Height: 441mm

Width: 406mm

Min. Drop: 584mm

Max. Drop: 2108mm

Requires 1 x 60w E27

Tapered shade with clear seeded

glass. Polished nickel finish.


The Spirit range from Franklite

Finished in chrome with small crystal drops and a lurex fabric shade with glass rods. 

All light fittings in the Spirit range come complete with G9 lamps.

On Display In Our Showroom



Shown with ring accessory (included with 3 light and 6 light pendant

On Display In Our Showroom

The Woody Pendant -

Available in two sizes and two finishes

Small Woody pendant - £100

Beechwood & Cream or Beechwood & Silver

Height: 33cm Diameter: 32cm​                     


LED Espirales - Single Pendant - £198 - Triple Pendant - £502.20

The spiral design comprises of chrome, satin aluminium with polycarbonate encasing the warm white LEDs that cascade the light around the room. Click on pics for more information.

Ardeche glass pendant - Amber or Clear 

Small - £50.00 or Large - £115

Industrial Pendant - £170

​Frosted glass diffuser - Adjustable head

Five finishes to choose from!

Antique Copper - 1322CU

Antique Brass - 1322AB

Black Gold - 1322BG

Antique Nickel - 1322AN

Chrome - 1322CC

Width: 39cm

Height: 46cm

Max Drop: 126mm

The Niven - £220

Polished chrome with 9 multi-coloured glass shades

Height: 900-1200mm

Diameter: 430mm

Complete with LV transformer and 9 X 10w G4 lamps

On Display In Our Showroom

Large Woody pendant - £105.00
Beechwood & Cream or Beechwood & Silver

Height: 37.5cm Diameter: 38cm



Elise 8 Light Pendant - £400

Chrome with crystal button drops and aluminium tubes. 

This large rectangular pendant with curved edges, makes a great statement piece. 

Height: 23cm
Max Drop: 141cm
Depth: 22cm
Width: 104cm

IL60007 - £58

Height: 18cm Width: 20cm

IL60004 - £45

Height: 14cm Width: 15cm

IL60009 - £60

Height: 18cm Width: 16cm

IL60008 - £58

Height: 19cm Width: 21cm

Mini Pendant


The Sarandon (10 Light) - £199

Height: 1210-1400mm

Diameter: 300mm

The Sarandon

(5 Light) - £149

Height: 700-1110mm

Diameter: 250mm

We have several shades from the Kudo range on display in our showroom!

Antique Copper

Antique Nickel

Dome Cage Pendant - £34

Black & Copper

Black & Gold

Black & Silver 

Width: 30cm

Height: 18cm

Max Drop: 138cm

Joel from Astro Lighting 
Black, Cream or Chrome finish (IP20)

Pendant - £75
Height: 205mm
Diameter: 172mm 
Length: 1800(max)mm

Large Pendant - £133.33
Diameter: 270mm
Height: 1800mm

Matching items are available. 

6 Light Pendant


Rome crystal pendant from Impex Lighting


Diameter: 40cm

Max Drop: 130cm

There are other fittings available in the Rome range - Please call Oxford Lighting for further information - 01865 408522

On Display In Our Showroom (Single pendant)



Showroom Opening Hours;

Monday-Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-3

Laura in
Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK on Houzz

Antique Brass

Stewart 3 Light Pendant - £270

Brushed Nickel - QZ/STEWART BN

Western Bronze - QZSTEWART WT

A classic pendant from Elstead Lighting in a choice of 2 quality finishes. The clear glass bowl allows the light output to be maximised.

Height: 648mm

Width: 305mm

Min. Drop: 762mm

Max. Drop: 2007mm

Requires 3 x 60w E14 lamps

Enola Cylindrical Pendant - £59.90

White - 149381
Brushed Aluminium - 149385
Red - 149386
Gold - 149387
Black - 149388

                         Requires E27 lamp, 60w max

Tone Pendant from Dar Lighting - £99.50

Black, Red or White

Coloured outer glass with white inner. Polished chrome ceiling plate.

Complete with 250cm clear cable.

Kudo from Diyas

A variety of hand crafted shapes, finished in polished chrome with K9 crystals. Some shapes also available with an antique brass or gold finish, contact us for further details. (01865 408522)

The matching suspension kit can be purchased separately - details below.

IL60000 - Polished Chrome Suspension Kit 

Maximum drop: 106cm

Width: 12cm

IL60001 - £59

Height: 24cm Width: 19cm

IL60002 - £58

Height: 24cm Width: 15cm

IL60019 - £75

Height: 23cm Width at top: 13cm Width at base: 22cm

IL60006 - £58

Height: 25cm Width: 17cm

IL60005 - £58

Height: 31cm Width: 13cm

IL60010 - £55

Height: 20cm Width: 23cm

Davina from Diyas

Available in black or white and in two sizes.

2 Light Pendant - £190



Height: 40cm-190cm Width: 35cm

3 Light Pendant - £235



Height: 40cm-190cm Width: 50cm