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Retro-fit LED lamps can be used in most light fittings, so if you would like to change to LED, you don't necessarily need to replace the entire fitting, or purchase one that is LED specific. Talk to us to find out more!

LEDs require less energy - Saving you electricity
LEDs have a long life - 20,000 - 30,000 hours - Change bulbs less - Great for large feature lights and difficult to get to areas
LEDs give off very little heat, so components within your light fittings are less likely to break down and if touched you won't get burnt!
LED lamps have variable light outputs and can be dimmed using the correct, professional dimmers. (Speak to Oxford Lighting if you would like more information about a specific lamp/dimmer)
LED lamps come in a choice of colours; Warm White, Cool White, Natural White and Daylight - Visit our showroom to see some on display

Spirelle decorative LED lighting range from Franklite - 4 Light ceiling fitting can be seen in our showroom

The stylish chrome spotlight Studio range from Franklite 

Single spot wall light - £62.53

Twin spot wall light - £124.09

Triple spot ceiling light - £177.98

Four spot ceiling light - £242.89

The single spotlight is on display in our showroom.

Kirby LED range from Dar Lighting 

Single pendant - £72

Triple pendant - £172.50

Wall light - £72

Table lamp - £56.50

Rustica Spotlight LED range from Franklite - Bronze finish with rope detail

Single wall spot light - £52.81 (On display in our showroom)

Twin wall light - £102.49

Triple spot ceiling light - £140.18

Four light ceiling bar - £197.53